28th November

  • 9.00am

    Accreditation and follow-up of the speakers (Atrium)

  • 9.30 am

    Official Opening (Auditorium 201)

      Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo (Rector of UPT) 


      Wladimir Correia de Brito (Director of IJP)


      Despina Afentouli (NATO representative)


      André Matos (Organizer)

  • 10.00am-10.45am

    Keynote address: "A Southern Strategy for NATO”
    NATO@70 (Auditorium 201)

    Keynote speaker:

      General Carlos Branco

  • 11.15am-12.45am

    Panel discussion: “NATO’s enduring values: building on 70 years of achievements” (Auditorium 201)

      Despina Afentouli


      Christian Kaunert


      Vlad Vernygora

  • 2.30pm-4.00pm

    Round-table discussion: “Staying strong at 70: disruptive thinking for a rapidly changing world” (Auditorium 201)

      Alena Vysotskaya Vieira


      Evanthia Balla


      Sofia Macedo


      Cátia de Carvalho


      Rui Garrido



      Bruno Reynaud de Sousa

  • 4.00pm

    Closing Session (Auditorium 201)

      Despina Afentouli


      Bruno Reynaud de Sousa


      Carlos Brito (Vice Rector for Research)

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