The members of the research team condemn in the strongest possible terms Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine which represents a blatant violation of International Law. Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and stability are essential to Euro-Atlantic security.

This research project also focuses on transatlantic security and the study of hybrid warfare. Specifically, research activities have considered how the Russian Federation resorts to the use of non-military means to achieve political and strategic goals. In this regard, we had the opportunity – thanks to the vital support from NATO – to welcome to Portugal a group of twelve young leaders from Ukraine who shared their firsthand experience in 2019.

As part of research activities, the project’s team is following the crisis very closely. Further to research activities the team is making an effort to conduct societal outreach via national media contributions.

Media contributions/societal outreach

Russian invasion against Ukraine: civil society outreach

9th February 2022

Interview -Porto Canal

23rd February 2022

Interview – Porto Canal

25th February 2022

Interview – Porto Canal

How is NATO responding?

How can we fight against disinformation?

How can you help Ukraine?

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